‘Time outs’ don’t do any harm, parents told

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Using those steps at home to good effect Using “time outs” to discipline children is not going to harm them or your relationship with them, US research suggests. Despite criticism of the “naughty step” strategy, children’s anxiety did not increase and neither did their aggressive behaviour, the eight-year study […]


Ipswich teenager arrested for allegedly stealing songs from ‘world-famous’ artists

A suspected hacker has been arrested for allegedly stealing unreleased songs from “world-famous” recording artists and selling them for cryptocurrency. The 19-year-old was arrested in Ipswich on suspicion of copyright and Computer Misuse Act offences. It follows a raid on a property in Ipswich and another in north London. The investigation was launched by prosecutors […]


Sam Smith changes pronouns to they/them

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption “I hope you can see me like I see myself now.” Sam Smith has asked fans to use the pronouns “they/them”, not “he/him”, after coming out as non-binary. The pop star wrote on Instagram: “After a lifetime of being at war with my gender I’ve decided to embrace myself […]