Deadly parasite ‘jumped’ from gorilla to humans

Image copyright Getty Images A rare and unfortunate sequence of events allowed a deadly type of malaria in gorillas to “jump” species and attack humans, according to scientists. Hundreds of thousands of people die from malaria every year and Plasmodium falciparum – the type the researchers studied – accounts for most cases. African great apes […]


Child gambling a ‘growing problem’ – study

Image copyright Getty Images Two-fifths of 11- to 16-year-olds have gambled in the past year, research suggests. Playing fruit machines was the most popular form of gambling, followed by playing cards for money with friends and scratch cards. Placing a private bet among friends and buying Lotto tickets were also among the top gambling activities. […]


Netflix sued over When They See Us

Image copyright Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix The makers of When They See Us are being sued for defamation over an interrogation technique in the show. Netflix and show director Ava DuVernay are accused of misrepresenting the Reid Technique – a controversial method of questioning suspects. The show refers to the practice as being “universally rejected” – a […]